Form banners and designs….

How many times do we fill in forms on the internet for banks, contact details and other lead generation programmes…and we feel its never gonna end.

What could start of as a simple three step process eventually turns out take more than 40 minutes.You and I wouldnt even know what we were getting into.On completing two process and on typing in the data required and with time invested each step gives us false expectation of being the last step.

Microsoft is one such example.While installing the windows, users are given a falso hope of getting over with in four steps.After the third step,you feel you done with stuffs…but another 40 minutes of installation process left.

This is exactly the problem most of us face while filling in a form online…one step taking multiple pages to complete. is a good example, where no false expectations, but merely a progree bar is used.

Using a smarter paginations like the one given belowcould also be another alternative. what you are doing here is splitting the entire database into a more manageable chunks or “pages”.

Pagination Area

dialog-types-pagination (1K)

But the rule remains the same— let the users beware.


Video Ads……

Online video advertising seems to be the current trend catching up with online advertisers. The single point of difference compared to a TV, Radio or newspaper is that online is measurable.
Video does present some opportunities and some complexities to measure the effectiveness.

First thing first,…video cannot replace search and display ads. In fact, a video could be delivered through search or a display ad format . So all the agencies and “clients” please do not compare a metric on video with a metric on search.

However, on the positive side, video does both branding (like a TV ad) and lead generation (like any other ad unit).

On a typical page, which shows banner ads and video ads, studies, have shown at least 2-3 times higher engagement and even significantly better click throughs for the same size and placement of a display would have given. This is the same reason why You Tube is very popular (did read somewhere, if it had been a country, would have been the third most populated in the world)

Issue with respect to how relevant the ad is for a user and most importantly the issue of viewing frequency need to be taken into consideration. . Too much of over exposure of ad could turn the performance of the campaign getting affected. While such issue of relevance does not exist on the TV. I guess that’s the challenge people need to live with on the internet campaigns and that’s what makes it interesting to work on.