Men are simple

Sitting in front of my laptop figuring out what to write….I notice a friend of mine on chat and chat we did…exchanging hi and whats happening in life stuffs for sometime. Before she signs out she says ” men are simple creatures”…hmmmn are we?

That reminds me of an old advertisement used for Goldstar beer which gives a “flow” on decision making process between a Man and Woman.

Guess we men can make women say ” Thank god you are men” 🙂

And yeah….just to keep the battle of genders going on , Goldstar has recently created a facebook application called the Park Fight where one tries to park a car in the shortest time.The application was created by McCann Israel …..great work guys.

Women are parking in about 53 secs while men do that in just about 42 secs….


Google to launch its Ebook store

Google would soon join the battle for Ebook even as early as June.

These would be called Google Editions.
Amazon, already under pressure from ibookstores, would have further competition from Google Editions.
Google editions would allow you to buy digital copies of the books you find through google book search, unlike its rivals that are focused on proprietary devices and softwares. It will also allow book retailers—even independent shops—to sell Google Editions on their own sites, giving partners the bulk of the revenue (although pricing and specific availability have yet to be announced) . What’s clear, though, is that the ebook pricing wars are about to get very interesting.
Google editions has been in work in progress mode since last year, but had to face delays as publishers fought aginast the initial proposed deal, where the customers would be able to print copies and cut and paste texts, while the publishers get a below par commission of 63% in the revenue.
As of February, it looked as though publishers have gained significantly towards a more traditional sales model ….one things for sure…the ebook business will never be the same again.

Apple to take on Google in search

Apple has a lot of money 🙂 ….. from buying 2,668,445,630 copies of Avatar from the iTunes store, or maybe even think of bailing out Greece.

Last week they decided to spend a little cash on acquiring Siri (Sirius) a company that makes mobile application that allows users to perform web search using voice commands. Just speak into the phone, say exactly what you want, and it’ll find a way to make it happen….

Users can speak commands like ” Pizza delivery” or “ nearest hospital”.
The software uses GPS and speech-recognition technology, and the application translates the commands and uses search algorithms to find answers

Ok, now to business. How much did Apple spend? The assumption is anywhere between
$100 million to $200 million, though Siri officially mentions as the figure being on $24 million.

Now there are two routes Apple could potentially take:

Rip the company and take its developers on board or simply integrate the Siri into the next version of its operating system.

Thinking of a long term picture of taking on Google, an integration is what we think would happen. This would also increase Apple to get into serious search business and also improve on its voice control.

Looks like that Apple and Google relationship is gonna get rougher in the coming months.