Search engine Offering Quantitative Result….WolframAlpha

What do researchers who deal with quantitative data do while searching for quantitative results?

Does Google or Bing support quantitative search? Ask any researchers and the response is the same….in this case a popular search engine which deals with quantitative data is WolframAlpha.

Assume you search for IBM Apple, Google gives out pages containing brands of laptops and other information and actually makes ou to skim through various pages before finally arriving at the relevant information.

In contrast Wolfram gives out the market capitalization, its share prices and other computable data.

What wolframAlpha analyses the search string, does the necessary computations using its huge collection of facts database, derives new facts on the fly and then displays them.

Wolfram could be used in situations where we need facts apart from textual information. If you wish to obtain the ratio of Indian, exports to imports just enter the string ‘India GDP or other data. The calculations are done on a real time basis, in addition to the historical graphs.

Variety of tasks

Apart from these, Wolfram can also compute scientific computations, distances between cities. If you are a statistician looking to do some analysis, wolfram can support this by the ‘Statistics and data Analysis’ commands supported by Wolfram (like Mean, ‘Linear fit’ and Kurtosis).

The search engine also does regular updates by adding new data. Data on climate, military data, world health data.

If you in case need the google search besides WolframAplha, you could find the application on Goofram (