Interactive TV –The question of what to see and when to see.

Can targeted advertisements be carried on television?

That is exactly what Google is entering into through Google TV. Integrating the search mechanism and its advertising system through an inter connected TV is what exactly Google is working.

What this means is ads would be personalized based on the programs viewers view thus enabling marketers to display its products and services only to the categories it wants to.

Operationally Google will determine what is watched using its real time ambient audio identification, when the viewer is browsing or watching a particular program.

This would change the entire system of marketers buying commercials ahead of time, to a very “on the spot” advertising enabling marketers to buy space based on the popularity of the programme. Being live streaming videos, enable advertisers to know how many clicked or opted for a call back.

This model would definitely benefit FMCG companies, who spend extensively on TV since targetting and precise marketing is what would be looked out for.

So question arises if targeted advertising make sense or traditional advertising which gives a mass reach?

Responses would be mixed with precision marketing is more about placing an ad even before someone thinks about ones desire.

At the same how successful this model would be in Asia is debatable since Google and China are locked in legal battle.

In addition, things like data capturing mechanism and who should own the data – Media or Ad Agency exist.

Considering its competitors , Microsoft and Apple , Google has its own advantages in its ability to throw ad based on relevancy and viewer interests.

Surely GoogleTV will pave the way for a coherent working among content, creativity and technology.

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