Apple Deathgrip

Over the past few years, Apple has been one of the most respected and revered brand names across the world. Often discussed on boardrooms and management schools on its successful products ranging from Ipods to its recent Ipads.

However, the recent controversy on its latest iphone 4 seems to take a little shine of its brand name. Recent complaints on the device losing signals and dropping calls when held at a certain way, has led to wide spread consumer reports on “not recommending” the product.

In fact, all these led to Steve Jobs telling one irate customer to either buy a case or hold it in a certain way to over come the problem. Competitors were not to be left behind; Nokia took a dig by demonstrating ways of holding a phone, without losing a signal – a clear dig at apple.

The main problem seems to be arising from its faulty design of wrapping the phones two antennae’s around the device rather than placing it inside, which in turn raises question on the testing procedures.

A clear problem in the production process is what all this pinpoints too and until Mr. Jobs and his executives need to bring the exact reasons and rectify it to move on.

Added to this is the response from apple which have not been responding to user comments ….the sooner all these are addressed, the better.

And yeah incase you own an iphone, dont drop it either…..

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