Facebook squares up for Google fight

Ever since the launch of Google+, Facebook and goggle have been embroiled in a fierce battle on who would rule the online advertising revenue in the social media space.

Facebook has been revamping its advertising to try and commercialize it as much as possible. Around 85% of it revenue comes from online advertising, this is expected to increase as Facebook is looking at innovative ways to reach out to its 845 million users.

Mobile phone app advertising is something which Facebook is pushing for, which until this time were ad-free….the rationale being more than half its users access it while on move.
In simple terms, if someone has their Facebook page open in one browser and surfs the web in another, data could be taken from the Facebook profile and an advertisement tailored to their preference would appear in the search engine.

If you are a Chelsea fan and the search engine knows about it, then you will get adverts for Chelsea products (sounds a little spooky).

However, what is still under discussion are the revenue models and the revenue share split between Facebook and the search engines.
One debate that would arise are privacy issues and if (only if) Facebook can address these concerns experts believe that this would significantly make Facebook take on Google(atleast in terms of revenues).

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