Mobile video could eat into TV video advertisement

Over the past few months there have been talks about how well mobile video advertisements could seriously challenge TV as a preferred choice for viewing TV commercials. Some estimate the number of mobile video streaming (views) to be over 150 million worldwide. Moreover, tablet advertisement is also set to grow higher as per JP Morgan research. Now that there seems to be enough talk and traction towards mobile video, lets lok at some basics that any advertiser would need to know.

<b>Types of mobile ads
In stream videos: – Most sought after option in mobile. These are your “pre –roll” videos similar to the ones you find online.
  Interactive Pre Roll: – Also popularly known as pre-app videos, these are videos which play in between game levels or screen browsing.
  In-banner video:- A regular mobile banner, with an option of in built video playing mechanism there is an option of allowing the video to play only on tapping by the user, thus enabling the video to play seamlessly along with an audio.
  Tap-to-video:-An experience of watching the video on tapping in a full screen format. Few things which advertisers need to also keep in mind are mobile videos work really well, when served within a contextually relevant property. For instance, when entertainment and consumer packaged goods advertisements are played on entertainment properties, the relative completion rate of the video increases by more 6 percent. 

Some more interesting facts is that unlike a TV, mobile videos can be viewed consistently throughout the day. Mobile is used when one wakes up, during lunch time or even during those boring meetings and “brain storming” sessions. Unlike online, mobile video advertising can identify and target a specific set of audience or type of consumers thus also enabling the brand achieve specific goals in terms of reach and higher relationship building possibility with the consumer. I mean, its relatively easer to get someone to “like” a facebook page on a mobile that online, since there is always a specific intent on the part of the consumer to watch the video on his mobile.
However, all this is the easier part, executing a mobile campaign is highly challenging due to multiple operating platforms, variety of advertisement sizes. This apart, streaming protocols and internet speed on a mobile device also need to be factored in.
This is relatively a younger medium and will continue to evolve over time. Advertisers and media agencies need to be look at how effective engagement can be made possible and allows for better control in terms of consumption.

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