Google ranking for content verticals and countries by ad impressions

Every now and then we are constantly reminded that Google controls nearly half of the global online advertising market. So it won’t come as a surprise that it has reams of data to give various insights.
Google today released first of its publication collected from across its display properties, including DoubleClick for publishers, DoubleClick ad exchange and the Google adsense network.
The report gives insights into the top ranking verticals by ad impressions and also some valuable insights into mobile Web and video ad impressions, geographical patterns as well.
Google found in 2011, Arts& Entertainment were the top verticals across AdSense and Ad Exchange, followed by Online Communities and Games. However categories like Shopping, Sports, Pets and Auto&Vehcile sites were among the verticals to experience the fastest year-on-year growth. Interestingly Online Communities saw a double digit decline, as did Business & Industrial and Reference verticals.
As for Web impressions, Google said publishers in all verticals except travel saw double-digit growth in the fourth quarter of 2011. The strongest vertical with mobile usage was Shopping, followed by Food & Drink and People & Society.
Other interesting finding included:-
–Mobile web impression on the Ad Exchange and AdSense platform climbed 250 percent from third to fourth quarter in 2011.
–North America and Western Europe lead the pack in terms of online content, but smaller pockets like Palau, Guinea and Laos are also posting good growth rates in terms of ad impression. Leading the pack in terms of ad impression are United states, followed by China and Japan.
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