Facebook advertising—-one more apology and still conting

Facebook got itself into another controversy regarding its ad submission guidelines, when a photo of a Canadian girl who hanged herself in April, were used in an ad for dating site.

What is even more shocking is that fact that the same girl was the subject of cyber bullying (on Facebook and other SNB) after a photo of her alleged rape was shared online.

Facebook released a statement including a line “We apologize for any harm this has caused.” They also banned the advertiser ionechat.com permanently.

The incident just raises the question and legitimacy of the self-service advertising business (which it considers as a significant advantage it boasts over its competitors) that operates on Facebook.

While this is not the first time Facebook finds itself in such situations, three months back Facebook got itself into a mess with Marks & Spencer’s over MS ads appearing next to inappropriate content. This led to MS cancelling all their adverts on FB. Similar incident happened with BskyB. 

Facebook did revise and implement lot of radical changes in their advertising operations, but like any digital advertising problems, it still is a long way before such things are sorted. 

Maybe the only way is to bring in a stricter regulation of advertisements like a television or a print medium operates with…but again who is going to bring such things under control is a big question.Even if so, how effective such measures would be useful considering the vast digital space is again a problem.

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