Facebook Shoppable Feed Ads

Facebook started testing new product ads few weeks back( still in beta), shoppable feed ads. The ad allows retailers and e-commerce players to show a multi-product ad/ image in the Facebook news feed. 

For those familiar with Dynamic Product Ads, this is slightly an evolved version of it.

The ad format consists of two parts, one a hero image and a second page( within the Facebook environment) consisting of a page with more products. It also take two clicks for a user to land on the retailers landing page. 

Whats surprising is that it took Facebook so many years to finally evolve into providing shopping ad formats( google had product listing ads way back in 2012). Google continued to give ample importance to these formats and now they form a significant part of the search page results real estate.

Of course it goes without saying that improving mobile experience could also have contributed to such a format.

Initial reaction to the shoppable ads have been questions related to the “clicks” that the ad can deliver. Whats important to consider are the interactions that this ad can provide and not chase vanity metrics like a click.

Considering that no 100% first click actually result’s in a conversion/ purchase, what a retailer should take advantage is the detailed experience the ad format allows for. If used correctly, this format should also allows for a better user experience.

The format is still in beta, but hopefully should become available soon. Let me know once you start using this and the results.


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