Google Adwords Exact Match Expansion

In the current setup if your keyword match type is an exact match, your ad will appear for the exact keyword or the close variants- a close variant being a misspelling, singular and plural forms, misspells and acronyms.

In the coming months Google has announced this will change and the definition of exact match will now include even function words ( a, for, to from etc..) and also ignore the word orders.

The good news is that you would no longer need to need to create keywords with re-ordered or re-worded ones. However, this change also means you would need to check the search query report more often than earlier and start weeding our irrelevant searches.

One thing to note is that this change doesn’t mean google will show ads for keywords/ search queries that do not have the same meaning. For example a query which say “Dubai to timbuktu flights” will not trigger an ad that is relevant for ” flights from timbuktu” or ” flight timings to timbuktu”.

Also, this emphasises trust of goole on machine learning and letting algorithms take control over small changes and let marketing experts utilise their time on other important tasks.

The change is now being reported only for English and Spanish languages, with the rest of languages to follow in 2017

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