The User Experience of the Internet of Things

The User Experience of the Internet of Things.



Repository of Data for Marketers-Mobile Payments

Could mobile payments be the next big thing for marketers? Consider this, it is an instant repertoire for brands to scan his/her shopping data and serve a targeted deals/offers. At the point of sale, all the customer does is to hold his smartphone to the scanner-no looking for cash, coins or run around for “chillar”.
It’s a perfect addition to the regular BAM (Brick and Mortar) shopping experience that a customer could look forward to..but the current lot of customers are mostly confused on how to use these.
The only lot to be blamed her would be the marketers themselves, with hardly any penetration involved in this NFC enabled payment method. 
Margento which turns any mobile phone into easy-to-use, convenient, and secure payment and transaction instrument.
The lack of awareness that a customer has to use these form of payments and neither are there any technology provider who interlinks the retailers and the customers to ensure a hassle free usage.
Starbucks (in the U.S) may be an exception, with more than three million payments being achieved through mobile phones during the first two months of its launch (mobile payment). There is something to cheer here, but for every Starbucks there is a Google Wallet case.  Launched in 2011, it is yet to see its full potential (India is yet to even see the light of this).One clouded mystery box it became.
Marketers are often caught in a dilemma- to invest more in the new form of digital commerce with significant potential, but of minimum interest to the customers or wait to see “others” adapt and use it.
Unless brands understand that certain basic in marketing mobile payments are addressed, there is still a long way to go. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to offer mobile payments as an value added service rather than utilizing it as a marketing trick? To start with atleast….