In Stream Video-Stil a long way behind TV

“Online video is the next in thing”….”marketers are moving to online videos”..well, we have been hearing these for quite some time. Is it really happening? or is it going to happen?unless, one important thing changes, non of us are very optimistic about such a change.

Technology to serve video ads are awesome….there is no lack of inventory….screen size is not an issue…no dearth of sites either….so what is the problem?

Simple, unless, there is a change in how online video as a product is sold differently, things will not change.

What is missing online is the emotional connect that can be provided on a TV. Right now, users must watch the videos until they watch the entire ad. What is indeed needed is to try and capture the viewers when they are in the right frame of mind for a specific product. 

Essentially on TV,marketers know how to connect the emotional aspect and accordingly select the TV content that best showcases their brand.Throw a Nike ad while watching Euro 2012-makes sense,Kara Tissues while watching a family soap-even better sense, an advertisement for a gym and protein supplement while watching a favorite Salman Khan movie-definitely inspiring me to hit the gym the next day

Digital video buyers rarely know about the content they are buying into-only classification available are “premium”,”long-form””short form”. They an also buy a specific genre of audience but nothing till date revolves around the specific show or with any emotional connection.

This is definitely a missed feature online- people watch on TV with lot connection and they completely miss this when they come online.

Publishers and networks: its time to let buyers out of dark.Offer specific content and you entirely create a new media buy that may just be irresistible.transparency is the key.