I guess, this is what we are evolving to from an existing POE( Paid Owned and Earned) strategy.
Optimisation essentially comes from the fact that no matter how relevant or attractive your content , it needs to be optimised across multiple devices.
So marketers are trying to move away from mobile apps( which would be preferred by consumers) to a more mobile optimised website pushing content also becomes far more easier than otherwise. So one interesting trend to look forward in 2013 would be to see how apps compete with mobile optimised content.
Now moving over, this optimisation essentially leads to more personalisation. With some good data and insights, it becomes a personal experience for individuals, rather than a website designed for everyone but relates to none.In turning this out, a more accurate ROI gets defined and advertising becomes no more just plain advertising, but source for relevant information.
But, the catch is to generate these data, it depends on how much personal information one wants to give out?
So personalisation or privacy would be a question to be answered by every individual…my opinion…the more information you are willing to share, the more targeted and accurate could be the messaging. Would be interesting to see also what the government decides.
Government or no government, the end of 2013, could look lot different from 2012, with the successful ones who continue to optimise and push across for POM