Apple Siri-Featuring John Malkovich

In this latest ad from TBWAMedia, Apple continues to highlight the interplay with a new spot featuring John Malkovich.

However, what this lacks is the seriousness in which the interplay usage comes out.I mean, in one of the feature the actor simply says “Life” and the “machine” spouts a list of axioms for living a good one…including “avoid being fat”, “read a good book every now and then” and “try to live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations”.

Its a bit surprising that an actor as accomplished as Malkovich, is just reduced to interact with a machine which lacks any humanity. makes me wonder why he signed up? Why would anyone swap a real friend with a jokes from Siri.?

Siri…life beyond Speech Interpretation and Recognition

Siri, the personal assistant tool from Apple has the potential to
change how people use their smartphones, mostly by “reforming” their
shopping experiences.

Data from Catapult Marketing-Feb 2012, shows that more than thirty
percent users have already used/could be using Siri to compare prices
at their nearby grocery shops or even to the extant of checking the
inventory availability at another store.

Few Smarter smartphone users have been using Siri to search for
coupons and deals while the users shopped.
Predominantly the data also shows that, the list making capabilities
are being put to use while shopping for electronic goods and home
appliances also.

What’s interesting is the fact that worldwide, the Siri users and the
awareness of this personal assistant are still catching up. This looks
promising as more and more users continue to upgrade and become
savvier in using this tool, the rate of comparison and usage for
shopping purposes could definitely see a big increase.

What’s more?? with this experience mobile shopping could become
frequent and relatively easy. eMarketer estimates that 68.6 million
Americans will use a smartphone to conduct mobile research and
browsing activites this year.