Tablet visitors on your site?Custom optimisation the buzz word.

Most marketers feel, they can implement the same strategies for both
Smartphone and tablets and expect conversions…however, a recent study 
proved otherwise.
It is important to treat both these devices as two different channels
and tablet and Smartphone deserves to be served its own individual
user experiences.
In a recently released Ecommerce Quarterly, the data shows that
tablets are overtaking Smartphone traffic, but more interesting, the
rate of conversion in terms of click to cart are much higher from a
tablet user than a Smartphone user. Its quite evident to imagine a
tablet user as someone multi-tasking ,by listening to music, watching
his favorite sitcom and browsing the web. SO they essentially use
tablet as a secondary device that completes their purchase intent or
thought-these groups can be classified into”couch commerce”.
But, the reality is quite different with majority of marketers still
retaining the user experience the same for both Smartphone and table
To start with, align what functions well and what doesn’t- it’s a
known fact that flash doesn’t work on iOS , things like drop downs and
hover bars often don’t work on iPad. Identify such issues with a
larger audience. This would give you where to start with.
Next do a thorough analysis of the website statistics:-
—Do users coming in from Tablets watch more video ( highly possible
due to the wider screen size).
—Where do they navigate on your site?
—Any specific payment methods they use?
This would give you a road-map on where to start with for optimizing
user experiences. If tablet users watch more video, would it make
sense to have an auto play video option for your site and also make it
more prominent?
Finally, do a dip stick survey asking group of identified individuals
on their experience in terms of improving functionality to improve
tablet experience.
When all the above are addressed, it makes sense to then identify the
call to action on your site-more customers to buy your product? Then
increase your font size, make those relevant buttons prominent and
give an easy flow of the transaction process.
Do you want to increase the interactivity on your site? Then given a
prominent search bar and may be even predictive search functions to
make it easier for customers to search.
All this holistically when fitted in, could lead to improving
and optimizing tablet experience,the above said may not be the
sacrosanct method of optimizing your tablet website.
Neverthless,the old saying “identify relevant customer experience” 
to increase your ROI from tablet traffic