Can TV and Digital see some integration?

Soon the internet would find out what you watched on TV. 
Recently, a company Datalogix, specialized in data launched a new product that aims to let digital marketers target ads to people online based on what they see on TV. Based on an association with TRA (a firm acquired by TiVO), which collects data from cable boxes in the U.S (Oh yes, not yet India, not yet).
Very simple, here is how it works:- TRA delivers TV viewing data to Datalogix, which then combines it with the demographic and purchasing behavior of TV households. Datalogix then matches up with the data collected from over millions of cookies it amassed. But is there a guarantee that every ad an advertiser shows online using these data are being shown to someone who has seen a specific TV ad or show?
The counter being since the data is being collected and built from abase of over 4 million households, it would be more accurate that others who use only few thousands.
Wait and watch…it looks it is still a work in progress and long way to go.