Android…is it for you?

Confused if Android is right for you?
Let’s have a look at the android software and why it is gaining popularity.
First of all, its an open source software unlike an iOS, hence
manufacturers can use them without any restrictions and as against one
iPhone, there are hundreds of Android smart phones with multiple
manufacturers ranging from Samsung, HTC and Motorola ( to name a few).
OK…so what does the user have when he uses an Android? Lets dig into this.
Integration with Google Services:- Lets accept it, most of our life
entirely revolves around Google-Gmail,Google Reader,GTalk,Google
Calendar and every one of these services can be tied/synced in with an
Android phone.
Easy navigation on Maps:- Voice direction has been integrated into
Android Maps for almost two years. Apart from this, minute details
like the type of terrain, details like bicycle lanes are also
provided. This is big advantage especially for those who drive a lot.
Widget power:- A widget, a gadget which sits on your home screen and
performs a specific function. With easy navigation, the widget tells
you what weather it is, glace your Gmail, a search toolbar…all this
without opening an app and totally customizable based on the user
requirement.( A screen of my current S2)
Easy integration with other Apps:- easy ability to share with other
apps on android phones. Click a picture; send it to Facebook, Twitter
with as much easiness as possible. Import all your contacts from
Facebook and Google thus bringing an a lot of contacts within your
Text input correction and Swype:-One of the favourite methods of
inputting text, through Swype keyboard, which can be insanely fast.
Unlike an iOS which pops up a bubble Android shows you a row of 
three words you may have meant to type.

Ugly? :-  Compared to a Windows or an iOS Android looks the ugliest.
HTC and maybe Samsung S2 are the ones that look elegant in terms of
design, but iPhone or a Windows phone looks more elegant.

Touch response:- A Windows phone and the iPhone flow much more
smoothly than any Android devices including the new ones. The screen
is more fluid and scrolling up and down is much easier on a Windows
and iPhone.
Google play store:- Though Google has spent lot of money to stock 
its store with movies, books and music, the Play Store still lags behind
in terms of the quality of apps as against iTunes. The openness of the
store also makes users to attack from malware through scruzzy apps.
Support :- Support specifically related to your software can be hard
to come by unlike an Apple or a Windows phone, due to multiple
manufacturers and multiple models.
So,is Android right for you?
Someone who is technically minimal proficient, gets direction through
his/her phone and has the entire life revolving around Google services
like Gmail,Gtalk should go in for an Android.
The longer time you spend with your phone, the better Android OS
becomes. The ability to customize your phone’s layout and easy sharing
of apps and services and full on access to all your Google range of
outfits makes it a smarter choice to go in for Android.
Again, you have to sacrifice the beauty and fluidity of Windows Phone
and iPhone in return for better syncing with your personal life. So,is
it Beauty or Brains?