More In-Depth Analytics on YouTube videos–Time Watched Metrics

YouTube reworks its video measurement metrics on basis of engagements, moving away from its measurements basis view time.
The latest changes comes in line with the earlier changes YouTube been implementing, starting with the Suggested video changes implemented in March.
Why This ?
YouTube’s video features were previously designed to drive views. This so called strategy attracted clicks to videos, but essentially videos that keep users engaged reduced.( some marketers referred this as “cleavage thumbnails” strategy to attract clicks).
The experimental results of these earlier changes were positive as per YouTube experiment – less clicking, more watching. 
So, YouTube expects the amount of time viewers spend watching videos from search and across the site to increase.
What does this mean?
So the benefiters from this would be the marketers with dedicated YouTube channel, with the channel benefiting if your videos drive more engaging time ranking higher than videos that just drive clicks, where you would see drop in rankings
So the best things that a marketer can benefit would be to generate videos that would make people watch. Some of the old techniques like using shorter video format to get higher retention rate would also backfire. While high retention on your videos could mean higher indication of engagement, this doesn’t translate into a longer viewing session on YouTube. So, your video isn’t more likely to be seen just because it’s shorter.
However the flip side with marketers intentionally making their videos longer, assuming longer videos would lead to more watch time, would also not benefit, since this again may not translate into engagement through long videos.
So the key take away from this is–YouTube recommends to make greater videos that your audience would watch, love and share. As a result, YouTube’s primary recommendation is to make great videos that your audience will love and share, and stay away from questionable optimization strategies.
What to watch?
The day before it announced its algorithm change, YouTube added the new time watched reporting to its YouTube Analytics, providing video marketers with more tools to evaluate the performance of their videos and channel.
If video marketers could watch the Analytics carefully, they could use them to better understand what the audience wants to watch. So essentially more time watching content means a more engaged audience and more ad revenue for YouTube :)….and that’s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

In Stream Video-Stil a long way behind TV

“Online video is the next in thing”….”marketers are moving to online videos”..well, we have been hearing these for quite some time. Is it really happening? or is it going to happen?unless, one important thing changes, non of us are very optimistic about such a change.

Technology to serve video ads are awesome….there is no lack of inventory….screen size is not an issue…no dearth of sites either….so what is the problem?

Simple, unless, there is a change in how online video as a product is sold differently, things will not change.

What is missing online is the emotional connect that can be provided on a TV. Right now, users must watch the videos until they watch the entire ad. What is indeed needed is to try and capture the viewers when they are in the right frame of mind for a specific product. 

Essentially on TV,marketers know how to connect the emotional aspect and accordingly select the TV content that best showcases their brand.Throw a Nike ad while watching Euro 2012-makes sense,Kara Tissues while watching a family soap-even better sense, an advertisement for a gym and protein supplement while watching a favorite Salman Khan movie-definitely inspiring me to hit the gym the next day

Digital video buyers rarely know about the content they are buying into-only classification available are “premium”,”long-form””short form”. They an also buy a specific genre of audience but nothing till date revolves around the specific show or with any emotional connection.

This is definitely a missed feature online- people watch on TV with lot connection and they completely miss this when they come online.

Publishers and networks: its time to let buyers out of dark.Offer specific content and you entirely create a new media buy that may just be irresistible.transparency is the key.